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Corpse Party: Blood Covered -repeated fear- - Ongoing
Phoenix Wright Series - Ongoing
The Crooked Man - Ongoing

Sonic 1 & Sonic Generations - Cancelled (Lost interest)

Emily is Away - Finished

Ao Oni 2 - Cancelled (Lost interest in game)

Ao Oni 2016 - On hiatus until I can get the rest of the game translated

Incredible Crisis - On hiatus until I can finish Emily is Away (Sorry about that guys, I forgot)

Hakkyo Oni - Canceled (Game got deleted by accident, don't feel like playing the game again)

Undertale - Finished (Loved the game, favorite part of the LP was Part 6)

Phoenix Wright - Finished? (It was more of a Let's Try, I might LP this game soon)

Pokemon AshGray - Cancelled (This was due to the many complications I had at the time)

Pokemon FireRed - Cancelled (Honestly, I don't like the remake of Red)

Pokemon Crystal - Cancelled (Honestly, I don't know why I tried with this one)

Ib - Finished (Loved the game)

Tomodachi Collection - Cancelled (Honestly, the LP wasn't very interesting)

Lego Star Wars 1 - Joke (It was meant as a joke, I wasn't gonna fully play this)

Dreamtalia - Will be redone (I have new recordings for the series)

Corpse Party - Cancelled (Will do it sometime, but not now)

Ao Oni S - Cancelled (Did not want to constantly go through locales just to play this game)

Pokemon Red - Almost Finished? (The footage for the rest of the LP got corrupted at the time, but if you have played red, you already know what happens)

While England's Away - Will redo (I still have the game downloaded, I will replay this game for the channel)

HetaOni - Finished (Will redo sometime, but for now, the Old LP will still be up)

Facade - Joke (I played the game for laughs)

Imscared - Cancelled (Lost the game while moving hard drives, not playing it again)

Ao Oni Plus - Finished (Okay game/mod of 6.23)

Code Lyoko DS - Cancelled (It is kind of hard to play this game on a PC)

Crooked Man - Cancelled (This was the first ever LP that I canceled, I thought the game was too long at the time)

Ao Oni Versions 1-6 - Finished (I might redo these for old times sake)