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RPG Maker Games

AdminProductions Games Website

For games created by AdminProductions, not counting translations, you can visit the AdminProductions Game Website here.

In order to play the following games, you will need to install the RPG Maker XP RTP in order to run the games.

Aooni Patches

These are patches for both the English and Japanese versions of the games.
For the older versions, I changed the Oni's sprites to be consistent with Version 6.
And for all versions, I made it so that the menus were consistent, with both Version 6 and the original Japanese versions.
I even included some Novel Version mods, to change the designs from the original in-game ones, to the ones featured in the novels.
Credits go to noprops (Original Japanese creator). English translation credits go to Memories of Fear (1.1), Me (3.0), Sephy (5.2), and JMU (6.23).
Download folder is here.

Aooni 3.0 English

Download link is here.

Hetaoni English by AdminProductions

Download link is here.

Corpse Party -Rebuilt- Version 1.01e

This is an unofficial patch for Corpse Party -Rebuilt-, translated by Memories of Fear.
This patch doesn't do too much to differentiate itself from the already existing game, but it does fix a few things, and updates the BGM slightly.
You can read the changes that have been done in the README files.
Download link is here.